Hello, I’m Trevor. I’m living in the coolest, most traditional old-school downtown ward in Tokyo: Taito. Busy during the week, I manage the Global ICT team for a Japanese CRO. In my off-time, I do a lot of photography and exploring around Tokyo with my little family.

I Grew up in Ohio, went to school in North Carolina. After a magical study abroad trip to Mie, I found myself staying in Japan.

Skills and Traits:

communication ★★★★★ project manager, ESL instructor
photography ★★★★ life
japanese ★★★★★ all
pharma biz comprehension ★★★ project manager
biz req → sys req ★★★ business analyst, project manager
problem solving ★★★★ project manager, life
system implementation ★★★ project manager
clinical CMS ★★ business analyst, project manager
CTMS ★★★★ business analyst, project manager
CRM ★★★ business analyst, project manager
web dev / design ★★ hobby

Feel free to send me an email if you want to get in touch or ask me to do some photography for you.

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